Past ChLA Conferences 


Atlanta, GA - (June 2-4)
Conference Chair(s):
Paige Gray, Mandy Suhr-Systma
Conference Theme: 
City in a Forest


ChLA Virtual Conference (June 9-13)
Conference chair(s): 
Paige Gray, Rachel Dean-Ruzicka, Michelle Martin
Conference Theme: The Arcade


Bellevue, WA - University of Washington (June 18-20)
Conference chair(s): 
Michelle Martin, Liz Mills
Conference Theme: Sustainability Through Story: Eco-Justice, Children's Literature, and Childhood

The 2020 conference was cancelled due to COVID-19.


Indianapolis, IN - IUPUI and IU East (June 13-15)
Conference chair(s):
Alisa Clapp-Itnyre, Megan Musgrave, Carrie Sickmann
Conference theme: Activisim and Empathy

Dr. Michelle H. Martin Francelia Butler Lecture


San Antonio, TX – Texas State University (June 28-30)
Confernece chair: Marilynn Olson
Conference theme: Refreshing Waters/Turbulent Waters
Dr. Debbie Reese's 2018 Francelia Butler Lecture: Click here Posting the speech enables our organization publicly to acknowledge the purposeful and important content of the presentation and to embrace its circulation. This Butler Lecture reflects on the culture and history of the association itself; by posting the lecture/speech on our website, we hope to make it more widely available and to preserve it for our institutional history.


Tampa, FL – University of South Florida (June 22-24)
Conference chair(s): Melanie Griffin and Jennifer Janinski Schneider
Conference theme: Imagined Futures


Columbus, OH – The Ohio State University (June 9-11)
Conference chair: Michelle Abate
Conference theme: Animation


2015 Richmond, VA – Longwood University (June 18-20)
Conference chair: Jennifer Miskec
Conference theme: "Give me liberty, or give me death!":  The High Stakes and Dark Sides of Children's Literature


Columbia, SC – University of South Carolina (June 18-21)
Conference chair: Michelle Martin and Sara Schwebel
Conference theme: Diverging Diversities:  Plurality in Children’s and Young Adult Literature Then and Now


Biloxi, MS – University of Southern Mississippi (June 13-16)
Conference chair: Ellen Ruffin and Eric Tribunella
Conference theme: Play and Risk in Children’s Literature


Boston, MA – Simmons College (June 14-16)
Conference chair: Cathryn Mercier
Conference theme: Literary Slipstreams


Roanoke, VA – Hollins University (June 23-25)
Conference chair: Amanda Cockrell
Conference theme: Revolt, Rebellion, Protest: Insurrection in Children’s Literature


Ann Arbor, MI – Eastern Michigan University (June 10-12)
Conference chair: Annette Wannamaker and Ian Wojcik-Andrews
Conference theme: Children’s Literature and Media


Charlotte, NC – University of North Carolina – Charlotte (June 11-14)
Conference chair: Mark I. West and Paula T. Connolly
Conference theme: The Best of Three


Normal, IL – Illinois State University-Normal (June 12-14)
Conference chair: Roberta Seelinger Trites
Conference theme: Redefining Normal


Newport News, VA – Christopher Newport University (June 14-16)
Conference chairs: Kara Keeling and Jennifer Miskec
Conference theme: Anniversaries, Histories, and Colonialisms


Manhattan Beach, CA – California State University-Northridge (June 8-10)
Conference chairs: Jackie Stallcup and Dorothy G. Clark
Conference theme: Transformations


Winnipeg, MB – University of Winnipeg (June 9-12)
Conference chair: Mavis Reimer
Conference theme: Performing Childhood


Fresno, CA – Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children's Literature at California State University-Fresno (June 10-12)
Conference chair: Angelica Carpenter
Conference theme: Dreams and Visions


El Paso, TX – University of Texas-El Paso
Conference chair: Jackie Gmuca
Conference theme: “Of Rainbows and Dream-Catchers”:  Diversity in Children’s Literature


Kingston, PA – Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School (June 13-16)
Conference chair: Lisa Rowe Fraustino
Conference theme: Education in Children's Literature or School


Buffalo, NY – Buffalo State College (June 6-10)
Conference chair: Craig Werner
Conference theme: Bridges


Roanoke, VA – Ferrum College, Hollins University, Randolph-Macon Women’s College, and Virginia Tech University (June 22-25)
Conference chair: J.D. Stahl
Conference theme: Children’s Literature:  Landmarks, Boundaries, and Watersheds


Calgary, AB – University of Calgary
Conference chair: Roderick McGillis
Conference theme: Children's Literature and the Fin de Siècle


Paris, France – Institut International Charles Perrault (July 1-5)
Conference chair: Jean Perrot
Conference theme: Children's Literature and the Fine Arts


Omaha, NB – University of Nebraska-Omaha (June 19-22)
Conference chair: Susan Naremore Maher
Conference theme: The Child and the City


Charlotte, NC – University of North Carolina-Charlotte (June 6-9)
Conference chair: Mark West
Conference theme: Children's Literature: Then and Now


Durham, NH – University of New Hampshire (June 1-4)
Conference chair: Claire L. Malarte-Feldman, Janice M. Alberghene
Conference theme: Children’s Literature and the Lore of Childhood


Springfield, MO – Southwest Missouri State University (June 2-5)
Conference chair: Phyllis Bixler, Joel Chaston, Judith Gero John, Sally Scheid
Conference theme: A Sense of Place


Fredericton, NB – University of New Brunswick (June 3-5)
Conference chair: Local: Andrew Pope, Russell Hunt, Doris Rauch, Lissa Paul, Eileen Wallace.  Exec. Board: Nancy Huse
Conference theme: Literature for Children in a Post-Literate Age


Hartford, CT – Trinity College (June 4-7)  Jointly sponsored by Trinity College, University of Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut State University, Hollins College, Yale University Press
Conference chairs: Barbara Rosen (University of Connecticut); Celia Anderson and Shirley Ernst (Eastern Connecticut State University)
Conference theme: The Child in the World
20th anniversary celebration of the founding of the annual.


Hattiesburg, MI – University of Southern Mississippi (May 30- June 2)
Conference chair: Dee Jones, Anne Lundin, Terry Latour
Conference theme: The Image of the Child


San Diego, CA – San Diego State University (May 31-June 3)
Conference chair: Lois Kuznets, coordinator; Carole Scott, co-coordinator
Conference theme: Work and Play in Children’s Literature


Mankato, MN – Mankato State University (May 11-14)
Conference chair: Kathy Piehl
Conference theme: Where Rivers Meet


Charleston, SC – College of Charleston (May 19-22)
Conference chair: Caroline Hunt
Conference theme: The Child and the Family


Ottawa, ON – Carleton University (May 14-17)
Conference chairs: Barbara Garner, Alan McLay
Conference theme: Cross-Culturalism in Children’s Literature


Kansas City, MO – University of Missouri-Kansas City (May 16-18)
Conference chairs: Norma Bagnall (Missouri Western State College), Phyllis Bixler (Kansas State University), Edwyna Gilbert (University of Kansas)
Conference theme: From Hannibal to Oz: Journeys in Children’s Literature


Ann Arbor, MI – University of Michigan (May 17-19)
Conference chairs: Lois Kuznets, Marcia Shafer
Conference theme: The Fourth Dimension in Children’s Literature: Past, Present, Future, and Other Times


Charlotte, NC – University of North Carolina-Charlotte (May 24-27)
Conference chair: Anita Moss
Conference theme: The Pride of Place: The Wellspring of Story


Edmonton, AB – University of Edmonton
Conference chairs: Patricia Demers and Jon C. Stott (co-chairs)
Conference theme: Frontiers in Children’s Literature


Gainesville, FL – University of Florida (March 26-28)
Conference chairs: Joy Anderson and John Cech
Conference theme: The Child and the Story: An Exploration of Narrative Forms


Minneapolis, MN- University of Minneapolis (March 27-29)
Conference chair: Karen Hoyle
Conference theme: Children’s Books: From Creation to Criticism


Waco, TX – Baylor University (March 14-16)
Conference chair: Tom Hanks
Conference theme: Realism and Fantasy in Children’s Literature


Toronto, ON – University of Toronto (March 30-31, April 1)
Conference chair: Claire England
Conference theme: The World and Its Inhabitants


Cambridge, MA – Harvard University (March 31- April 2)
Conference chair: [none given on program Xerox; probably Anne Devereaux Jordan]
Conference theme: [none given on program Xerox]


Ypsilanti, MI – Eastern Michigan University (March 25-27)
Conference chair: Alethea Helbig
Conference theme: What Makes a Good Children’s Book?


Philadelphia, PA – Temple
Conference chair: Anne Devereaux Jordan
Conference theme: America in Children’s Books: Children’s Books in America


Williamsburg, VA – William & Mary College (March 7-9)
Conference chairs: Anne Devereaux Jordan, Nancy Matula
Conference theme: Great Writers, Illustrators, and Ages in Children’s Literature


Storrs, CT – University of Connecticut (March 15-17)
Conference chair: Anne Devereaux Jordan
Conference theme: Cultural and Critical Values in Children’s Literature