November 27, 2018



Giving Tuesday is held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the US) and widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday to kick off the holiday giving season and inspire people to collaborate in improving their local communities and to give back in significant ways through the charities and causes they support. In 2017 ChLA raised $2,800 on Giving Tuesday alone.  These donations help to support diversity initiatives, international initiatives, graduate students, and research.  We hope to raise even more this year. 

 What does Giving Tuesday mean to ChLA?  What does ChLA mean to you?

"The grants committee receives a number of promising proposals each year.  In the past we were able to support two, three, perhaps even four projects, even if it was just enough to fund travel to an archive or the provide monies for collecting research.  Sadly over the past several years we have instead resorted to supporting one project for faculty proposals and one project for graduate students.  We've felt that with increasingly depleted funds available each year it is better for us as community to make sure one project has our full support than to underfund several.

This is an unfortunate compromise.  So many rich and promising projects remain unsupported, perhaps even suspended or abandoned, and we on the grants committee wish we could help more projects come to fruition.  Donations from Giving Tuesday can go a long, long way towards helping fellow scholars conduct research, travel to archives, write, revise, present, publish and contribute the kinds of scholarship that might not otherwise see the light of day." - Chris McGee, Grants Committee Chair

"Giving Tuesday has become a vital way to promote ChLA's mission by helping us support both new and experienced scholars and our opportunities to share our work with others in the field from around the world." - Eric Tribunella, ChLA Treasurer

"Giving Tuesday is important to ChLA because it means we can continue to fund grants for graduate students and faculty to do research, awards for their work, and otherwise support the good work of the organization. We have increased the number and amount of these awards in recent years, including—importantly—the diversity research grant—and these awards are funded largely through our giving. Giving Tuesday supports your colleagues’ good work!" - Elisabeth Gruner, ChLA Board of Directors

“Giving Tuesday provides a way for ChLA to give even more for our members!” - Tammy Mielke, ChLA Board of Directors

"The funds we generate during Giving Tuesday are a chance to say yes—yes to topping up a research grant or funding an initiative. It is always a genuine pleasure to be able to say yes and to support work by the amazing committees and members of ChLA." - Teya Rosenberg, Past President, 2018-19

"Giving Tuesday means that ChLA can better support new and established scholars by publishing their innovative work via our book publishing program." - Jackie Horne, ChLA Board of Directors

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