ChLA Executive Board

Children’s Literature Association Officers 

Pattee Co Pres Amy Pattee, Simmons University, Co-President (2022-2023)
Kenneth Co Prese Kenneth Kidd, University of Florida, Co-President (2022-2023)
Maude Hines Maude Hines, Portland State University, Vice President/President-Elect (2022-2023)
Libby Gruner Elisabeth Rose Gruner, University of Richmond, Past President (2022-2023)
Tammy Mielke, Westside Christian School, Treasurer (2021-2024)
 Paige Gray Paige Gray, Savannah College of Art and Design, Secretary (2022-2024)

Children’s Literature Association Board of Directors

Cristina Rhodes Cristina Rhodes, Shippensburg University (2020-2023)
Angel Daniel Matos Angel Daniel Matos, Bowdoin College, (2020-2023)
Victoria Smith Victoria Ford Smith, University of Connecticut (2020-2023)
Image of Brigitte Fielder  Brigitte Fielder, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2021-2024)
Image of Sarah Park Dahlen  Sarah Park Dahlen, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2021-2024)
image of Karin Westman  Karin Westman, Kansas State University (2021-2024)
MicKenzie Fasteland MicKenzie Fasteland (2022-2025)
Peter Kunze Peter Kunze, Tulane University (2022-2025)
Coming Soon Sarah Minslow, California State University Los Angeles (2022-2023)


Children’s Literature Association Staff


Cate Langley, CAE, Association Manager
[email protected] 


List of ChLA Past Presidents