Grants Committee

The Grants Committee evaluates applications for ChLA Faculty Research Grants and the Hannah Beiter Graduate Student Research Grants. Grants are awarded according to the committee's judgments of competitive applications. Members receiving funding are acknowledged during and invited to participate in the awards banquet at the Association's annual conference.

Composition of the Committee:

The Grants Committee consists of four elected members with staggered terms of three years each and a chair appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board for a term of three years, renewable.

Committee Members:

Chair, Chris McGee, Longwood University, 2014-2017; 2017-2020
Scott Pollard, Christopher Newport University, 2017-2020
Laura Wasowicz, American Antiquarian Society, 2017-2020
Sara Schwebel, University of South Carolina, 2019-2022
Jackie Horne, Independent Scholar, 2019-2022